Care of Quartz Stone

Your investment is a lasting one and with care will continue to look as beautiful and elegant as the day it is installed

Polishing & sealing

Quartz is polished and sealed during manufacture of the slab therefore quartz should retain its polish indefinitely. If a recommended cleaner has not been specified, regular use of an everyday granite cleaning spray will lift any dull appearance.


Quartz is easy to clean. Use clean, hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth. Dishwash liquid which is non-abrasive neutral pH7 detergent is most suitable. Gentle use of a plastic scotchbrite pad or similar can be used to remove any food residues that cannot be removed easily.


Quartz is very durable. Avoid hitting with anything blunt or heavy as this can cause chips and cracks. Avoid sitting, standing or placing heavy items on unsupported areas.

Preventing scratching

Quartz is scratch resistant and everyday household utensils will not mark. We recommend use of a chopping board.

Preventing heat damage

Quartz is heat resistant and moderate temperatures will not affect the stone. It is recommended that a heat pad be used under electric frying pans and a trivet be used for hot saucepans and pans, as extreme temperatures can damage quartz.

Preventing staining

Quartz should not stain under normal circumstances. Prolonged exposure to oils, acids and items with high food colouring may cause staining. To avoid the risk of staining, simply wipe away and clean immediately.

Please Contact our professional staff if you require any further advice or assistance