Care of Marble & Limestone

Your investment is a lasting one and with care will continue to look as beautiful and elegant as the day it is installed

Polishing & sealing

Marble is polished and sealed during the hand-crafted manufacture and installation of your investment. For polished finishes, regular applications of a good silicone wax, buffed with a soft cloth will provide additional protection. We recommend aerosol can polishes such as Mr. Sheen or Pledge or a neutral (pH7) window cleaner. We also recommend professional resealing every two years thereafter for best long term protection.


Marble is easy to clean. Use lukewarm or hot water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Twice a year, wash with a mild detergent solution (hand dish-washing detergent and warm water), rinse and wipe dry.


Marble is relativity soft and porous. Avoid hitting with anything blunt or heavy as this can cause chips and cracks. Avoid sitting, standing or placing heavy items on unsupported areas.

Preventing scratching

Marble is prone to scratching and everyday household abrasives and utensils will mark. We recommend the use of a chopping board. Felt bases and placemats are advisable.

Preventing heat damage

Heat will scorch marble. We recommend use of use of a heat pad or a trivet with rubber feet.

Preventing staining

Food or beverage acids will etch the surface, therefore direct contact with the marble should be avoided. Always wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining.

Please Contact our professional staff if you require any further advice or assistance